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Surprise ~ The Unexpected Joy

An unexpected or astonishing event is what definition of surprise, every one of us eagerly waits for something to happen when it was not expected and the real joy can only be felt when such thing actually happens.

Sometimes we really make a plan to achieve something and we are very close to the final outcome. We feel disappointed when it doesn’t turn around the way we planned, this is also a surprise as it was an unexpected event.

The sad part of this situation is that we had positive expectation and thing went another way around. The nice part about this is at least you made an effort to reach the final stage. It’s the way we look at the thing and perceive them. It may be little, it may be big, but surprises happen when you least expect it. Take what life gives you delight in it and enjoy it.

The path of life can only lighten up as you walk through; each turn in the road reveals a surprise because future is hidden.

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